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le story of leBRADburg

In 2012 BRAD NICHOLLS took the first bite of a burger at a hole-in-the-wall burger joint in Berlin, he was impressed and it takes a lot to impress BRAD NICHOLLS; it was delicious, the most delicious he had ever yet tasted.

The next year BRAD NICHOLLS began an open ended journey of world travel that transformed into a three year MEGA journey of adventures around the world. During this time he consumed many a burger and his list of 'Great Burgs' expanded considerably - from Los Angeles to Taipei, from Sydney to Vancouver and so many places inbetween, each burger added a new sphere of energy, a new stroke of colour...

In January 2022 BRAD NICHOLLS visited Estonia as part of his new Special Mission of visiting every country in the world, there at a burger van behind a petrol station, dug deep into the Tallinn snow he was struck in the face by a beautiful dirrrty sloot of a burg. WOW, YUM.

At this point BRAD NICHOLLS already knew this was the year, this was the year of the birth of leBRADburg. Holding that burger in his hand though, the Tallinn snow, the smell of petrol, the faint sounds of 1812 Overture getting louder and louder in his ears, it filled him with even more conviction.

"THIS YEAR!" BRAD NICHOLLS thought and this year it is. Time for leBRADburg.

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